Your CNC Ball Screw Repair Specialists

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CBR provides CNC ball screw repair service across the continental United States, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide repair service that gets customers like you back to cutting quality parts, at lower cost than OEM replacement, and quicker turnaround than shipping the ball screw assembly out for repair or regrind. In fact, very few of the ball screws we see need to be shipped out at all; more than 95% of our customers are back up cutting parts within 8-10 hours because we accommodate repairs on site, at their facility.

We perform service at machine shops and cutting centers across multiple industries, and are proud of our high percentage of repeat customers. Our customer know that a regular inspection, clean, and flush of their CNC machines keeps their CNC equipment in top condition. And when customers are in need of emergency repair, our network of companies ensures you get a service technician to your facility as quickly as possible. We know that every shift you are down hurts your bottom line, and that’s why we’re known for prompt turnaround in getting to your facility, and getting the repairs done.

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