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What causes ball screws to get noisy, loose, or otherwise worn?
Normal use over time leads to ball screw assembly wear. This occurs when dust settles on oil-covered ball screws, essentially creating a grinding paste that damages ball bearings. Signs of ball screw assembly wear include hole out-of-round problems, cut parts with jagged edges, and angles with waves. Other factors that lead to ball screw assembly wear include:

  • Improper lubrication/not enough grease
  • Tampering with the ball screw assembly
  • Pushing the machine beyond its capabilities
  • Absence of regular ball screw assembly maintenance (clean/flush)

Some operators attempt to compensate for cut issues by reducing their feed rates. This only prolongs the inevitable – ball screw repair service or full replacement – and reduces efficiency. Contact us if you are experiencing reduced feed rates, noisy ball screw assemblies, cut accuracy issues, or haven’t scheduled maintenance in more than a year.

Do I have to ship my ball screw for repair service?
No; there is not a need to ship out your ball screw! We come to your facility and complete repairs on-site. This ensures your machine is down for the minimum amount of time needed to complete service.
Where do you provide service?
We provide on-site ball screw repair and restoration service throughout continental United States and North America.
Is your work guaranteed?
Our service work is warrantied for twelve (12) months or 2,000 hours from the date of service.
I contacted the OEM and was told it would be weeks to get a new ball screw, but my machine is down! How long until you can be on site to service my ball screw assembly?
We give priority to customers needing emergency repairs and can usually be on site in 24-48 hours. Contact us today to schedule service and get you back cutting quality parts as soon as possible.
I don't see my manufacturer or equipment type on your list. Do you provide service for my machine type?
We do provide linear motion system service for nearly all manufacturer equipment types. Contact us to discuss your machine type/manufacturer and the cut/feed issues you are experiencing.