We know the importance of keeping ball screw repair cost to a minimum and reducing repair down time.

That’s why we aim to keep your ball screw repair cost affordable, and get your CNC machine back up and cutting quality parts as quickly as possible. Here’s why our on-site ball screw repair is your best option for budget-conscious repairs on a tight timeline:

Ball screw repair cost with CBR:

Labor, travel & parts for a local service (100 miles or less) for (1) repairable ball screw axis usually has an invoice of about $1,500. The machine will be out of production for approximately one production shift. The lead error values in the control will not be changed, as the repair will not change the screw lead. (Parts & labor are usually about $750 for short screws; for short screws with one lead; lead screws over 60″ in length or those with diameters over 2.500″ or have multiple leads are somewhat more depending on configuration.)

With a Pre-Ordered New Assembly from the OEM:

It normally takes four hours to remove and reinstall a new ball screw assembly. The true lead must be read by a precision inspection service. The lead error values in the control must be changed to reflect the accuracy profile of the new assembly. That inspection service usually takes four hours. Your total parts & service invoices may be $5,000 to $20,000. Your machine is out of production for one to two days if scheduling is perfect, and the parts needed are not backordered. Many manufacturers have ball screw assembly replacement lead times of six weeks or more.

With a Regrind Facility, Remanufactured Assembly:

Removal, packaging, shipping, repair turnaround time, return-shipping and reassembly is possible in a week. The lead error values in the control must be changed to reflect the accuracy profile of the re-ground assembly. The lead error compensation tables should be measured and re-entered. The total costs will be $3,500 to more than $12,000, at the expense of 1 week lost production if scheduling is perfect.

We know it is not the just cost of our repair that matters, it’s our ability to reduce your cost of lost production time! That’s why we make all efforts to complete repairs in one business day, start to finish. For most machines, we can service 1-2 axes in one shift.